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Kanga Classic

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Kanga White

Only $19.95 + S&H

No matter which color you choose, Kanga is the solution to securing your valuable documentation discretely and securely. Get the Classic Black Kanga for only $17.95 or get a White Kanga that comes with a belt to be used under your clothing for $19.95.

Never again will you need to worry about losing your wallet to accident or even pickpockets. Since we handle orders through PayPal™ you can trust that your Kanga will get to your safely and securely. What are you waiting for? Start your next excursion the right way with Kanga.

New Kanga on the Way

Kanga Classic To keep your documents even safer, Kanga will soon be available with a Radio Frequency Sheild. Both credit and debit cards have Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chips that emit account numbers as well as expiration dates. Passports also contain RFID chips that emit extremely sensative information that can easily be scanned by theives without them even laying a finger on you. Prevent yourself from electronic pickpocketing by carrying them in your Kanga everywhere you go.