After being pick-pocketed at an International Airport and losing over $1,500 I decided that I needed to be more careful when traveling abroad. A family member told me about Kanga and I purchased one immediately. It was great to relax and enjoy my vacation knowing that my passport, money and other valuables were securely attached to me without a fanny pack!
- Adam Albrecht

While traveling through Europe I was constantly retrieving my documents. My Kanga made it easy for me to gain quick access to all of my information.
- Clint Lantz

For years I have searched for a way to store money, credit cards, drivers license, or passport while I travelled. This is so unique, smart, inexpensive, and secure, it is truly amazing.
- Doug Bagley

Getting to Know Your Kanga

Black Kanga


  • Two large pockets to easily store travel documents, credit cards and money
  • Two high-quality zippers located at the top to prevent contents from spilling out while accessing the pouch
  • Made with urethane-coated ripstop nylon for increased durability and water/sweat resistance
  • Attaches to belt for easy access and usability
  • Discrete and comfortable
  • Hand washable

Black or White

White KangaThe Kanga comes in both black and white. Whatever your color preference may be, this hidden wallet will provide you with the document protrection that you need. Altough both colors will get the job done, the white Kanga comes packed with an elastic waistband to accommodate those who wear skirts, dresses, or trousers without belts.

Hidden Wallet

The Kanga Document Pouch is virtually invisible to pickpockets. Reduce the probability of theft by securing this hidden wallet to your belt. Simply place belt through two loops located at the top of the Kanga. Once secured, tuck the wallet into your waistband. With your Kanga fastened to your belt, you can be sure that your valuables won't be going anywhere without you knowing.
Wearing Kanga out in the openFlip Kanga up and tuck it inKanga is tucked in and out of sight

High-quality ripstop nylonMaterials

The Kanga is made out of high-quality ripstop nylon to increase durability and promote long-term use. Each unit is urethane coated which prevents moisture form damaging the contents of your Kanga.

Two Large Security Pockets

The Kanga is 8 inches long and 5½ inches wide. Its two large pockets easily store passports, credit cards, currencies, airplane tickets, itineraries and other important documentation. Both pockets are located at the top of the pouch instead of on the side to prevent the contents from spilling out.

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