After being pick-pocketed at an International Airport and losing over $1,500 I decided that I needed to be more careful when traveling abroad. A family member told me about Kanga and I purchased one immediately. It was great to relax and enjoy my vacation knowing that my passport, money and other valuables were securely attached to me without a fanny pack!
- Adam Albrecht

While traveling through Europe I was constantly retrieving my documents. My Kanga made it easy for me to gain quick access to all of my information.
- Clint Lantz

For years I have searched for a way to store money, credit cards, drivers license, or passport while I travelled. This is so unique, smart, inexpensive, and secure, it is truly amazing.
- Doug Bagley

History of Kanga

The Kanga Document Pouch was developed by seasoned traveler Les Childs. He wasn't satisfied with travel document holders that were on the market. They were either too conspicuous, too uncomfortable or not easily accessible.

Les couldn't take it any longer and came up with an alternative way to carry his documents. That's when the Kanga was born. This pouch is light weight, comfortable, hidden, secure, and always accessible - especially while standing in the airport security checkpoints or ticket lines. The Kanga is nearly invisible to pickpockets, keeping your documents safe while traveling or visiting your favorite places around the world or while roaming the streets of big cities!

The Kanga is made of nylon rip stop, a light weight fabric which is extremely durable. It is also coated with Urethane for maximum water resistance qualities.

The Kanga has two separate pouches to keep the documents organized. The two zippers are on the top of the pouch when open will prevent the contents from falling out as the pouch hangs from your belt, while you show your documents.

The Kanga Document Pouch is designed and manufactured in the USA. Made of high quality materials to ensure your satisfaction as you travel.