For years I have searched for a way to store money, credit cards, drivers license, or passport while I travelled. This is so unique, smart, inexpensive, and secure, it is truly amazing.
- Doug Bagley

After being pick-pocketed at an International Airport and losing over $1,500 I decided that I needed to be more careful when traveling abroad. A family member told me about Kanga and I purchased one immediately. It was great to relax and enjoy my vacation knowing that my passport, money and other valuables were securely attached to me without a fanny pack!
- Adam Albrecht

We were able to put our passports, credit cards, and cash in them and go travel without worrying about pickpockets. It was easy to access the pouch. It lays between your leg and pants. It would be almost impossible for someone to access them without your knowledge.
- Susan Nichols

Kanga. Your travel companion

Kanga Document Pouch

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Get ready for the most convenient and secure way to protect your documents. This discrete, lightweight travel document holder makes it safe and easy for you to transport your valuable information.

The Kanga's unique design allows for quick, easy access. Located at the top of the document pouch are two straps that secure to your belt. Once the Kanga has been secured, you simply tuck it into your waistband.

If you are sick and tired of pulling your records out of your traveling suitcase at every checkpoint, or if you are looking for an easier way to retrieve your important documentation - Kanga™ is exactly what you need.

Wearing Kanga on the outside Kanga tucked into waistband

Kanga Demonstration

Kangaâ„¢ creator Les Childs demonstrates how easy it is to use the Kanga document pouch at the Morris Murdock Travel Show.